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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Does SEX SELL in Entertainment?

So today I had a productive day. It is not over. If you don't know me, Adrian Anthony (my alter ego) Does not sleep. So today I began having meeting for the new project I am launching here at HoperaWorld Productions that I know is going to be so hot. It is really going to turn some heads this time around. So I had my first meeting with potential team members today.

A big conversation professionally for me lately has been the topic of sex. Sex is something that we say "Sells" but I would venture to say it is something about the illusion that sells. There is something in our humanity that desires illusion. Things that we can't have. There are many examples of this and institutions that "SELL" illusion and have nothing to do with sex!. Sex doesn't sell ladies and gents. I would say the illusion sells. The suspended reality that we enter into in numerous places most commonly known as movies, theater, video games, concerts, university, etc.

There is nothing wrong with sex. Yes I said it. When we go to a show and see things that are apart of our humanity no matter how much we try to hide we are drawn to it. It is apart of our humanity and should be looked at from a powerful (positive) place and not a negative place. This will in turn allow people to deal with critical matters of dangerous sexual behaviors and make better choices. There is nothing wrong with expressing your sexuality. There is something wrong with the culture around us that forces people to hide who they are. Therefore, it (the dominant culture) is responsible for encouraging people to make perpetual unhealthy choices. As a producer I think it is important that we continue to tackle this issues that the world refuses to deal with. Maybe its time for a more healthy conversation about sex america. One that has people not living in the shaddows of guilt and shame, but to be powerful.

So as a Producer of new innovative work, these are conversations that never go away. We are constantly challenged by our audiences to deliver what they want not what they need. We play a very important role in this world. Never negate your power as a producer. Whether it is one person at your shows or 1 million, you have to be responsible for what you put up on stage. We as artists/producers must keep the truth in the work as the TRUTH will deliver and transform people. We must keep the truth in what we produce while still keeping it tasteful and appealing to a large audience. Quite the challenge. Let stop talking about Sex and begin talking about our humanity to make the world a better place. God gave us the power. Lets use it.

This is my Story. This is my song. This is my world. THIS IS MY HOPERA WORLD.


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