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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enjoying the East Coast

Hey its Mr. HOPERA coming at you all.

I am here on the East coast hanging out and singing tonight at Bentley University for the Gospel Choirs concert. I am kinda been enjoying the city and taking some time for exploration. I am so happy that God has blessed me with wonderful people in my life who has been able to keep lifting me higher. So you my be asking why I am singing on my Vaction...Well, I just really love singing as you all know.

Also, being a producer you are never off! So earlier today I went to a great luncheon at Boston University Theological Seminary Alumni Association presented. It was great to fellowship with other people from the area. I will also be presenting my recital on the East Coast this fall and I am preparing for the Boston dates.

So glad to know that there are people who are doing great work. So any ways...HOPERA GOES 2 CHURCH will be happening on June 6th at 4 p.m in Chicago at Greater Bethesda Church. Now I will be blogging more about that tomorrow so pleas stay tuned. Just want to leave you with one of the songs from the choirs concert tonight: ...Imagine Me..." by my idol...K. Franklin...Enjoy!

Peace and Love from the East Coast.


Friday, January 22, 2010



Check out MR. HOPERA singing Why Do the Nations from Messiah. Happy Friday! Be Encouraged ALL!


Thursday, January 21, 2010


So today I got up and when to the bank and took care of some things and set up some new accounts.

Then I had lunch by my lonesome

Then I when to go teach my 8th graders (Felt good)

Then I went Downtown and Met with a former cast member to handle some business.

Ate dinner at Patty Burger (If you dont know Patty burger at Wabash and Adams GET TO KNOW THEM) amazing.

Conference all presentation while at starbucks.

Brainstormed some new Ideas.

Brainstormed some new marketing plans for the FEB. 19TH RECITAL IN CLEVELAND OHIO AT 7:00P.M. (call 4 details!)

Came home.

Edited some footage of me singing.

Posted a new video of me singing.


Thats my day I hope you had a great one!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Standing on the Promises

Ok, So I messed up this time. Yes, I dropped the ball. But when you drop the ball you have to pick it up and RUN with it. Don't just stand there but you have to run with the ball. I want you know that today in all of sadness about my "Dropping the Ball" I did at the end of the day decide to run with the ball.

HOPERA is a wonderful company of some of the most talented people I have ever met in my life or had the honor of meeting. Today looking at the new things that there are to accomplish I realized that finding new talent is always apart of this business. You must always stay up on your P's and Q's when looking for new talent.

I am a little nervous about this new show that we are going to put up because I don't really know if people will like it and it is made more so for the masses and less for the intellectual theater goer. I wonder how it will play out...but I am standing on the promises. I know that if I hang on it will all work out just right, STANDING ON THE PROMISES!


Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Day pt. 1

So on this great day of celebration I just wanted to stop by early to say thank you to MLK. Because he changed not only this country but he changed this world and for that I am truly grateful. He changed me. And for that I am forever grateful. When I think of hope courage, honesty, and integrity, I think of him. When I think of a real man, who had real issues, short comings, deficiencies that are humanities ills, I also think of him. But I think of him for everything he has done...THANK YOU is all that comes to mind!


Saturday, January 16, 2010


So every once in a while it feels good to be a appreciated for what you do. Even if you think that there is no real substance behind it, just the thought that someone was thinking about you or what you do enough to acknowledge you for something is awesome.

I am feeling really AWESOME today when I got my commendation letter from the Cleveland Orchestra for the Martin Luther King award. I was not chosen but was nominated and that was great, I think for a 24 year old producer doing some very innovative things in a very conservative field of think and pervasive ignorance reins. I am happy about that. So with that I leave you with the Cleveland Orchestra & Choruses Beethoven Choral Fantasy. Take the time if you are in cleveland to check out the MLK Concert Sunday, I am sure it will be wonderful.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

HAITI & Hopera

So as the horrible pics of mangled bodies come in from media outlets all over the world I encourage every single artist out there to remember the true and real meaning of your gift God has given you.

We as artists are power and CAN make a difference and help this hard healing process begin. Later this week I will be posted my song. I would encourage you all to do a concert or write or play something that helps people to heal. The arts have been a healing force for such a long time and in this very great time of need we all need a little more music, dance, theater in out life.

HopearWorld Productions will be doing something, I have not figured it out yet but we will be contributing to the healing process here at home. We all can pitch in, LETS GO AMERICA! Lets represent for these black folks, we are the same as they are at this moment, lets connect to our true humanity.

This is my story. This is my song. This is my world. HoperaWorld.