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Monday, January 11, 2010

Cleveland Recital...

So I am getting ready to sing back in my home town pretty soon I hope and I am actually kinda excited about it this time! I am going to be doing a whole new set of songs from me from new project called: "Introducing Adrian Dunn. The Voice.". So I am doing spirituals, hymns, a few german songs, and some gospel songs that have been my favorites for some time now. Primaryly songs that black singers have performed and composed.

There is something about excitement that is important to keeping your life moving and not dying. It is so crucial that you have a balance of things that make you happy. You can't solely do the things that make you money all the time because what makes you money isn't always what is gratifying to you. When you get bad news and take 3 or 4 blows at one time it is really hard to see the bigger picture and to see that you are not a I laugh but seriously it is really easy to begin believing bad hype about yourself because 3 or 4 things fall through or don't go in your favor. It is not so though. Keep ya head up! You loss the battle but not the war!

Trying to capture my excitement! Cleveland get ready for a great concert.

This is my story. This is my song. This is my world. HoperaWorld.


* A little video of how we used to have fun in the old dayz back at CHHS!*** tomorrow I will have one of the songs from the project**

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