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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A LONG ride home


Soooooo, today I took the long ride home from Cleveland on the infamous MegaBus. It was a cool ride but what was more inspiring was the conversation I was having with myself about the future of HOPERA. So it was revealed to me that I need to follow my heart in what the vision i was given.

Hip Hop is definitely in need of a make over, in many regards and is getting on right now. I know that artists like Jay-z and Diddy (for two different reasons) are heroes to me for their contributions. On the Opera side "IN my HOPERAWORLD" there is very little innovation going on and the game does need a make over (a 150 year old make over). So as most of you all know I am the author of the book and producer of the revolutionary piece..(yea i said it, lol.) "A Fallen Hero" which is a full Opera , well HIp Hopera (that we are pushing to get to BROADWAY). Now my goal being the creative and Crazy guy that I am ( On the bus today) is the create a new product from the company that will really change the game of entertainment as we know it and introduce this new music to the world with a bang. Even a bigger bang than Opera, or broadway combined...the medium I love to call, the music concert.

So as I think of all of the sexual content in music shows, profanity, powerful lyrics, stupid lyrics, beautiful people and not so, well done and poorly done all these conversations have changed OUR lives through the medium of live concert. Sex is a beautiful thing when done responsibly, profanity is necessary, not to mention in most of our realities it is used all the time. This live concert medium has brought uncommon artists together like Alicia Keys and Kathy Battle, Beyonce and Whitney, Michael Jackson and Yo Yo Ma or even Jay-z and Nas (lol). All these great artists present concerts that essentially are theatrics and feature music fusion at its best, if it is done well!

Something for THE REAL PEOPLE, Finally. Not just people who can afford it but all people. So this is my new feet as a producer, a new music show outlining some amazing music from the likes of HoperaWorld Productions that will take the audience on a musical experience through a more light hearted musical journey with new musical arrangements, new singers, new instrumentation, new dance and a whole lot of HOPERA BABY! I leave you with a nice "Hip Hop Ballad" from my hero, Shawn Carter. Life is about relationship, and I am so looking forward to getting back to the relationship that changed my life forever, Opera, hip hop, gospel, R n B, blah blah blah..its all MUSIC.

This new show is going to HOT!


"You will be Changed."

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