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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


PEOPLE are made of more than just flesh and bones. If I ever questioned this notion, today i received a definitive answers as I watch Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon deliver a powerful performance in INVICTUS. The music was beautiful and I cried as I was convicted by the truth. The truth is transformative. As I faced what I believed to be one of the largest defeats in my adult professional career as a producer one month ago, the true character in me was feed today.

Today I was convicted because forgiveness has been something I have never fully embraced on a personal level. As i watched Nelson Mandela walk away from 30 years in a cell and be so self less that he would put his country ahead of his hurt, disappointment, and his honest right to seek retribution for his countries sins and transgressions against who he was, he simply choose something forgive.

I was convicted so much in that that I saw that my calling was to be that person and that I have been using excuses of my past and the way I was raised for my own undealt with hurt that serves no purpose because I can't change that, I can only look and love into the future.

How is this relevant as a producer? Well, when you take a defeat in a venture that doesn't do as well as you would like many times the first answer is to give and find fault in yourself and use that as a case against yourself. Believe that your courage, character, or strength shown in the past is not relevant.

Nelson Mandela showed a strength and courage I have only heard about but knew in my heart of hearts I already knew oh too well. I knew that I was watching my self on that screen! scary, I may not be able to unite people with a rugby time or have great attractive guys in my story, but I do know that I have the power to forgive, the power to change people, the power to be changed and the power of my ancestors inside me. THANK YOU NELSON MANDELA for showing me the way today!


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